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Proof of customs value

Proof of customs value

One of the key stages of customs declaration on the part of the customs authorities is to verify the correctness of the declared customs value and to include in it all costs incurred on the other side, i.e. before crossing the border with the EAEU. This is due to the fact that often the owners of goods are driven by the desire to reduce customs duties, and in the declaration for goods, they declare a “low” value of the goods.

In turn, the customs authorities have the right to demand documents and information confirming the declared customs value and pricing of goods. Moreover, the customs authority has the opportunity to check their reliability by requesting the regulatory authorities of the exporting country and third parties involved, for example, in the transportation of this product. In this connection, the desire to “understate” the cost of goods may turn into administrative or even criminal liability.


By contacting us, after a detailed analysis of the documents, our specialists will be able to tell you about the possible risks and “pitfalls” that you may encounter during the customs declaration of your goods. Also, this analysis will help to minimize these risks.

Our employees are faced with the issue of “proof of customs value” on a daily basis. Prepared responses to the Request for documents and information (additional check on customs value) by our specialists 100% ends with the confirmation of the declared information and the return of the security.

Turning to our company for help, you get a guaranteed return of your money.

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Our company has its own vehicle fleet in Europe. Thus, we offer our customers the lowest cost for international delivery of goods by road.

We make sure that each of our clients is satisfied with the work we have done and the result we have received, which is our common success! With us your business will be ‘white and transparent’ and gain momentum.

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Proof of customs value


A customs broker is an intermediary between the customer and the customs authorities. Cargo owners cannot always prepare a package of documents on their own, as this requires special knowledge and experience in filling out declarations. The legislation has many nuances and is constantly being improved. A person running an active business simply has no time to follow all the innovations. As a result – incorrect paperwork, delays at customs, serious fines, damage to goods, violation of deadlines and damage to business reputation. A representative will help you avoid these troubles.

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All our work is based, first of all, on the satisfaction of the client’s requests, on the account and fulfillment of their wishes.

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More than 10 years of flawless activity of the company. All specialists of the company ‘VED-Rus’ are professionals in their field.

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The company ‘VED-Rus’ is ready to offer services for labeling storage and consolidation of goods in Europe in its own warehouse.

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Our company has its own vehicle fleet in Europe. Thus, we offer our customers the lowest cost for international delivery of goods by road.

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The time for issuing a declaration for goods are from 40 minutes. We will calculate the optimal transportation route, which will ensure the delivery of the cargo in the shortest possible time.


The priority direction of our company is an individual approach to each client.

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“VED-Rus”  provides our clients with a full range of turnkey services.

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